Are you making things harder than they have to be?

(i.e. Are you allowing support when it would serve you?)

Hello beautiful beings! It’s been awhile since I’ve connected in this way, it has been quite a year so far!

I know that for many of us, 2018 was a difficult year to navigate. We were provided with opportunities to face some of our biggest challenges and fears. And so 2019 is the year to not only face them, but to make the changes necessary so avoid creating what no longer serves. This process can feel unsettling, or often destructive. But as we release old ways of thinking and being, we create space to allow a more expansive present and future.

So what can you do to move forward with more grace?

*Identify your best sources of support, and lean in.
Who are the cheerleaders in your life? Who consistently encourages you to stretch beyond your comfort zone? Who offers to help you, support you, or simply listen, when you feel that you could really use it?
Schedule a coffee, an evening out, a weekend away, or regular chats with these beautiful beings! Allow yourself to be supported physically, emotionally, in every single way possible. Do this for each other (it will deepen each of these connections).

*Keep remembering your highest potential.
When you have a hard day (or week, or month), it can be easy to judge yourself for your moments of perceived weakness, for what you didn’t do well, for what you missed. But if that is all that you focus on, you become cynical and pessimistic. That is no way to live.
When you feel yourself growing impatient and lacking compassion for yourself, take the time to remember you at your best. Because that is who you actually are. As you feel into that strength, it strengthens you. Feel yourself align, feel more expanded and spacious, and continue with the day as though you are at your best. Allow yourself to get back on track.

*Schedule space and time for just YOU.
Meditate. Every day. Even if you don’t have time. Especially if you don’t have time.
Even if meditation for you is simply breathing and feeling your body relax for 20 minutes a day, it is worth doing, every single time. Each time you choose to dedicate time to your sense of health and wellbeing, you train your body to respond. The more you do it, the bigger the result. Stop making excuses, and just do it. Make it non-negotiable, and show yourself that you honour You.

These are some of the elements that I have been working through/with over the past few months, I hope that they will help you too! I’m sending lots of UCL and happy thoughts your way!

-Jennifer <3

Would you like to know how to see and recognise sources of compassionate support, from the highest perspective,
to allow yourself to lean into the energy of healthy support, with grace,
to know how to be open to the idea of being helped, in the highest and best way,
to know what it feels like to release your barriers to support and care, on every level?
Say yes and receive! <3


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