Transformation: The difference between Trade and Become

In a world of contrast and contradiction, we often look for ways to trade one for another. To change one circumstance for another, one relationship for another… But these exchanges take up time, energy, and often leave us wanting. Our comfort zones are limited and limiting, our past experiences colour our perceptions of what is possible to create. We look to the past and to others around us to see what is on offer, because we believe that we need to follow. But if we are always following the past, we never create a different future, we only create what has been.

We watch other women to see what is acceptable as a woman. We look to other men to act in ways that are expected. We emulate leaders and others in places of power to fill those roles. We watch teachers in an attempt to teach others, or ourselves.

We listen to the stories of our ancestors’ suffering and pain and assume we will endure the same. We read the stories of our histories, full of abuse, pain, and waste, and we waste away with the same pain. We feel the fear within news reports and believe that we must endure the same stories of illness, destruction.

As human beings, we witness the trauma that plays out within the collective, and we accept that this is also our destiny to repeat, generation after generation, lifetime after lifetime, body after body.

We do this until we remember that these are stories, circumstances, experiences, perspectives. And when you remember, you begin to transform.

Your transformation is a direct result of your initiation to truth and understanding. Not the knowledge of what has come before you, or what is happening around you, but in understanding that you have the power to change all of this for yourself. Your transformation initiates the capacity to expand beyond the stories and beliefs, and into something new.

But please understand, what you perceive as new is actually ancient, eternal, beyond the confines of your body, your mind, your life. Your transformation is a return to truth, to love, to compassion, to power, to freedom, to Soul.

Many spend hours, days, years looking to the past to heal, trading the past for the future and present. We keep going back into the pain looking for relief. Relief is always temporary, and never really resolves the problems inherent within you or the world. But you are able to learn from the problems of the past without having to repeat it, and without having to allow it to play out again and again.

Your transformation is in the present moment, with the choices you make today. Today. Today. Today.

Because when you choose to create today in a way that wholly aligns, from the wisdom and understanding within, you stop using the past as a reference, and you create a present (and future) that no longer includes pain and suffering. You choose actions that nourish. You choose relationships that amplify the best within. You choose harmony, grace, and love.

Cease looking to your past to inform your present. Stop using fear as a way to create. Never again choose suffering as a way to be. Remember that you are an infinite soul, a culmination of the greatest that has been, that is, and that always will be.

Points to Ponder:
How do I recognize when I am choosing from the past? What does that look like, or feel like? How do I know when I am choosing from fear, instead of wisdom?

What does the energy of Soul look like? Feel like? Sound like? How can I remember who I really am?

When I choose to create as a Soul, an infinite being, how does the quality of my life change? As I live as a Soul, what evolves in my inner and outer world?

Instead of only perceiving the options that I can see around me, how can I expand beyond, to recognize that there are so many more options to choose?

Take some time this week to meditate on your own brilliant, beautiful Transformation. Allow yourself to transcend the fear, to become your Highest Potential, consciousness, whole.


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