What are you willing to Surrender, to begin anew?

Today marks the end of a year, tomorrow we move into another...

While having a clear focus on what you want to do and where you want to go is important, the real first step is to surrender the obstacles that impede flow into the new. 

Today, spend some time in meditation, reflect on the past year, and identify what you are willing to burn, purge, to liberate from your energy


* What am I willing to surrender within my mind?: identities, roles, obligations, conversations, beliefs, projections


* What am I willing to surrender within my heart?: heartache, suffering, barriers, anger, fear, sorrow


* What am I willing to surrender in my surroundings?: clutter, superstition, the 'old me', obligation, the past


* What am I willing to surrender in my body?: pain, illness, disorder, control, weakness


* What am I willing to surrender in my relationships?: fear, projection, conflict, untruth, disappointment, fear


* What else am I willing to surrender...

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Can you feel negative emotions without Suffering?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are navigating the end of eclipse season with lots of grace and love!  We are in a powerful portal, leading up to the Solstice on the 21st.  If you are feeling stagnant, it is time to shake yourself up!  If you are feeling lost, it is time to come back home, back to heart and soul.


In the Northern Hemisphere, we are navigating the end of Autumn, harvesting gifts and lessons, integrating the experiences we have lived since Spring, and receiving all that we can, in order to embody the wisdom that has been offered.  

From the 21st, we begin the descent into Winter, and into the depths of ourselves.  We turn our focus inward, to recognise the significance of our conversations, decisions, karma, and the courses of action taken.  It is a time for reckoning, healing, and resolution.

As we move into Winter, end of the astrological year, it can bring up strong views on the word Death, on endings, and on...

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