How RICH does your life feel?

(I've written over the past few months about STER: Selflessness, Timelessness, Effortless, and now Richness. Click on the links to catch up/review)

Whenever I think about Richness, I think about a quality, an experience, a feeling of something full, abundant, complete. I remember things like a complex red wine, dark chocolate, damp soil, a thick duvet...

When I think about richness within life, that feeling of fullness comes back again and again. That time isn't sitting empty, that what we consume is full of flavor, nothing missing, nothing watered down. That the experience is full of wisdom, or possibility, nurturing, or freedom, and that it will either continue to impact, and/or will draw something else in that is also plentiful or abundant.

I think that over the past years, we have suffered through periods where life did not feel rich. We felt robbed of connection, the ability to move or travel, the possibility of making firm plans for the future....

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