Are you casting shadows on your inner sun?

Are you expanding into your Light, or shrinking your paradigm?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are feeling more awake and inspired now that we are travelling through the summer months! I know that I've felt a fire growing brighter within me, and have been inspired to offer a number of online events and courses over the next few months! Details for in-person events will also be posted soon, because it is TIME! (And BTW, if you're interested in hosting me in your area for an event/course, please get in touch!)

The Sun is now at home in Leo, bringing us out into the light, encouraging us to be more visible, open-hearted, more passionate and compassionate, more loving, honest, and authentic. I feel that we can choose to go one of two ways with this-

1. You can feel afraid and you can shrink down, become smaller, quieter, and try to deceive yourself about who you truly are.

2. You can feel the call to expand, to grow, and to show up as a leader,...

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What is it that Guides you?

(i.e. Are you listening to your Heart or Head?)

How many courses of action are you choosing between right now? Are there too many to count?
Or are there a few clear paths which feel impossible to choose between?

The choices we make now will direct our experiences for the rest of the year.
What do you need to understand in order to make the most aligned choices?

*What are your priorities and what do you value in life?
*How do you want to FEEL?
*What do you want to experience?
*How do you want to spend your time?
*Which aspects of you/your personality do you want to express on a regular basis?
*Which strengths/talents could you express every day?

The more clear you can become about the quality of life you want to have, the easier it can feel to move into flow with it. Allow yourself to connect with the feeling, the essence, and worry less about the details.

And most importantly, get out of your head and into your heart. This has to be felt, intuited, and embodied. Breathe deep and sink in,...

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