Are you casting shadows on your inner sun?

Are you expanding into your Light, or shrinking your paradigm?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are feeling more awake and inspired now that we are travelling through the summer months! I know that I've felt a fire growing brighter within me, and have been inspired to offer a number of online events and courses over the next few months! Details for in-person events will also be posted soon, because it is TIME! (And BTW, if you're interested in hosting me in your area for an event/course, please get in touch!)

The Sun is now at home in Leo, bringing us out into the light, encouraging us to be more visible, open-hearted, more passionate and compassionate, more loving, honest, and authentic. I feel that we can choose to go one of two ways with this-

1. You can feel afraid and you can shrink down, become smaller, quieter, and try to deceive yourself about who you truly are.

2. You can feel the call to expand, to grow, and to show up as a leader,...

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How do you Lead when you feel you're falling behind?

I have been meditating a LOT lately on the elements of Leadership, and more specifically on how to lead when we feel that we are depleted, slowing down, or that we are falling behind.

Here is what I believe about leaders and leadership:

Leadership is a Calling, an act of Service that comes from Soul, Dharma, beyond a single human lifetime

Leaders work best when inspired from within, instead of motivated by reasons outwith themselves

Our capacity and ability to lead comes from the best within us, our divine gifts

It is expressed through action, through the choices we make each and every day (not in what we choose to do every once in awhile when we have to)

We first must learn to lead ourselves, to be consistent, focused, and to live with integrity and honesty if we have any hope of supporting or leading others.


So when we are experiencing a second year of a worldwide pandemic, when we can feel limited, denied, delayed, how do we...

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What is 2020 offering, to expand your World

Hello beautiful beings, I hope you’re having a wonderful start to the new year <3

I am currently in incredible Cambodia, enjoying the experience of being immersed in new culture, language, food, traditions, land, and all that comes with the experience.  And even though I’m far away, I wanted to get in touch to let you know that I am currently planning for the next few months, and have a few pieces of information and celebration to share!

*My 41st birthday is later this week!
For my 40th birthday, and through 2019, I helped to raise money to build a school in Cambodia (which is why I am here now, we will see the school on Thursday!).  To show my gratitude towards those who either contributed towards the school, or support me and my business, I would like to offer you a session in February at 41% off!  My 50 minute sessions will be £55, and the 75 minute sessions will be £66!  Sessions will begin from 3 February, 1...

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