Have you found your new Rhythm?

Expanding the Self

Hello beautiful beings! I have just returned from a long weekend in sunny Spain, and have been reminded of the importance of travel.

When we travel, we leave our comfort zones behind, what we know, our daily routines, along with many aspects of our identities.  The little things that we use to reinforce who we believe we are, are disrupted, we are not able to rely on the hundreds of cues and reminders that would be present in daily routine and regular setting. Once these have been disrupted, there is more space for new potential, within the mind, body, spirit. And I feel that this is a major part of evolution-the ability to relinquish aspects and identities that have become too fixed, too confining, so that we are able to redefine and rediscover ourselves and new 'worlds'.

Even having just a few days outside of my home, office, city disrupted patterns of eating, sleeping, working, consumption.  I read different books, wore different...

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How do you create opportunities for Expansion?

Hello beautiful beings!  We are currently between 2 eclipses, and heading deeper into Sagittarius Season!  This week is an ideal time to shed old skins, masks, roles, identities.  And as you create spaciousness within, you gain clarity to choose what will support and nurture you over the coming season.

Take time this week to sit and breathe.  Connect with your body and emotions.  Seek the deeper meaning in what you feel and what you experience.  The answers are within.

If we fight against, we become small and fixed.  But this is a time to expand.  Allow yourself to expand your mind, and what you think you know.  This is how we learn.

Allow yourself to expand your heart and the ways you experience life.  This is how we learn to shift our emotional states and the way we feel in this world.

Allow yourself to expand your focus and the ways you view others around you.  This is how we see beyond what can be seen.


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Is your Quest worthy of you?

Hello Alchemists!  I hope you are taking the time this week to play with the elements, to float, fly, and burn.  The focus this week is to lessen the load, to release resistance so that you can lighten, rise up, to fly...

We connect with a full moon lunar eclipse in less than 24 hours, and the effects have been intense, profound, providing an opportunity for unravelling.  As I tune into the energy, I am shown that we have a choice- between the journey we have been on, and the true quest.

So many have invested in a narrative for the lives they have outgrown, or that wasn't really meant to be.  This narrative likely motivated learning and evolution, but as the alignment wanes, so does the impact and outcome.

Each of us lives as the hero of our own story.  You are the hero, working towards  victory or specific outcome, and always against an enemy or adversary.  For those who use an adversary to motivate effort or movement, there will always...

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