Is your attempt at Purity overly Restrictive?

Last week, I wrote about Hedonism, without intending to get into the behavioural triangle of Hedonist-Purist-Conformist, but synchronicity in my life has sent me in that direction.

I am currently listening to Michael Pollan's book, This is your Mind on Plants, specifically to the section on caffeine, its role in addiction and compulsive habits, and the ways it alters the mind. Interestingly, caffeine is so ingrained in society, in many ways it is the most difficult to abstain from, because so much centers around coffee and tea, socially and within the work world. Most of us don't really know our base-line of consciousness, because our state is continually, daily (or more), altered by caffeine.

So the role of the Purist enters, potentially offering a solution: Cut It Out.

The philosophy of the Purist tends to lean on absolutes, all or nothing, requiring clarity of judgement, discipline, abstention, and often withdrawal from aspects of society. Another extreme.

But its easy...

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What are you leaving behind?

New Year, Better Flow...

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season, and are enjoying the beginning of a brand new calendar year. One of my favourite aspects of this time is opening a fresh, clean diary, and beginning to write in new plans and dreams for the 12 months ahead. What is your favourite ritual or practice this time of year?

Speaking of practices, I wanted to send a quick note about offerings over the next few months. We are now heading deep into Winter, but out of the darkness, and the plan is to provide events that reflect the energies present within the cosmos and here on Earth.

*For those nearby, dates are being confirmed for in-person Meditation & Subconscious Healing at the Wee Retreat in Glasgow. Numbers are growing again, and we're aiming to fill the studio, to open hearts and minds with each event.

*In terms of online offerings, we have seasonal events with Imbolc, and Equinox. Imbolc marks the...

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How can your healing expand your impact upon the world?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you were able to navigate watery Cancer season with lots of Grace! We are now in Fiery Leo Season, in higher visibility, shining brighter, living from heart and soul. I am already feeling the shifts and enjoying the energetic sunshine!

Today, I feel inspired to write about what gets in the way of being greater leaders, teachers, healers, and guides.  The short answer: Our deepest , oldest wounds.  

It is often our oldest wounds, the ones that feel most difficult to resolve, that can be the key to our greatest liberation, but also in sharing our greatest gifts.

We deeply desire to be of service, and to have an impact, especially when times are tough and the world desperately needs us. But if we are still cycling through old patterns and ways of seeing the world, we limit and diminish what we can offer.

If we are burnt out, we have little to share.

If we are in pain, we shy away from witnessing the pain in others.

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