What is getting in your way?

What is getting in your way?
(And why are you allowing it to stop you?)

When I ask about barriers, distractions, blocks, or obstacles, I receive a variety of reasons and answers. Usually, they include negative belief systems, based off of what was learned at an early age (‘That’s all you’re getting’, ‘That won’t work’, ‘You don’t have the skills/knowledge/experience’, etc).
Or old emotion and trauma stops us, such as past failure, betrayal, disappointment, broken trust, broken hearts, broken hopes and dreams.
We often play small to fit in, to be accepted, to belong.
There is not ‘enough’ money, clients, love, choice, to accomplish our goals.

Is any of this resonating, or sounding familiar? What do you usually do in these situations? What is your way of removing barriers?

I’m going to give you my ‘secret’ here, and it is less complicated than you think:
Understand that the fears and limiting beliefs...

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How do you respond to Fear?

Fear is one of my favorite topics. Ever.
I love the ways in which people respond when you touch upon fear. Usually, they either dive into the conversation, happy for an outlet or opportunity to process and understand, or clam up, close off, sink down.
We all have fears, and there will always be a degree of fear in our experiences, but what I find fascinating is the ways in which we respond to the fears within.

Really, we have two choices:
1. Face the fears, do our best to understand them, and then deal with the ‘stuff’ that we have attached.
2. Avoid it.

The problem with option 2 is that you don’t really get to avoid it. You can try. You can blind yourself, numb yourself, run away, but ultimately, your fears will not resolve until you choose option 1.
I am always able to recognize the most successful, balanced, harmonious people based on how they respond to fear.

Here is the truth about fear (which you will hopefully find to be a huge relief):
Fear is a lie.
Your fears...

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Living as a Masterpiece

I have written before about Prince and Mastery. I use him as an example of someone who has immersed himself in his art, his craft, his purpose for living. His purpose was very clear and he lived it.

I attended an Elvis Tribute act earlier this week (which was pretty awesome!) Elvis is another incredible being who embraced his calling, but who also truly allowed it to shine through him. People who knew Elvis talk about his magnetism, charisma, and the magic and electricity that they felt when near him, or when he was on stage.

I believe that for many of us, living and sharing our calling may be more subtle, but that we can live our purpose in a way that can inspire others.

I have repeatedly witnessed beautiful beings who are denying their gifts, dampening their energy and influence, dismissing strength, and suffering as a result. Right now, my goal, both for myself and my clients, is to find the inner Purple Rain.
I recently facilitated a session with a person who believed on a...

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Is 'loyalty' delaying your evolution?

As we move towards the end of the year, and a feeling of ending or closure, we naturally feel unsettled as we face the unknown. Because endings are really about beginnings. And both can be scary, even when we have been asking for (begging, demanding) change!

The transition period is the sticky part. As we let go and resolve layers of ourselves, our identities, our labels, we test the waters for our next step. Periods of transition are often difficult because they feel unclear, confusing, as we spend most of that time in conflict, between wanting to hang on, and wanting to run ahead.
When I quit my last job, I dragged my heels. I knew that it was time to go (and had been for about 2 months), but I had a lot of fear about the next step. My next step meant self-employment, working on my own, losing my work tribe. But what was scarier was the loss of my labels and identity. I was really proud of the work I did within the organization, and giving up that label meant that I would no longer...

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There's no place like home!

Ruby Slippers, or the Yellow Brick Road?

This post has been in my draft folder for months. I have held back on getting involved in the political debate for many reasons. I want you to know that the purpose of this post is not to convince you which candidate is best or worst. It is about recognising what is being triggered within us.
The division, the fear, the frustration all point to what is really happening within ourselves.

Earlier this year, a lot of people began to ask me about Donald Trump, and why he is so popular with certain groups of people.
I believe that he is the symbol for all of us who feel abandoned, who are homesick, who believe we lost our way.

The natural state of the soul or essence is love. We are truly powerful, deeply compassionate, and free. On a very deep level, we know and understand that this is our most aligned state of being.

As a soul, you chose to visit this plane for a lifetime, a new vibration, a new way of feeling, communicating, perceiving. We all...

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Let life colour your existence

exchange wholeness Jul 05, 2017

Traditional teachings state that we give and take energy, and that we feel most uncomfortable as we take on ‘other people’s stuff’. I used to believe this too, and while it helped me to imagine releasing another’s energy as I set new boundaries, nothing fully resolved as a result. I believe that right now we can change the way we look at ourselves energetically, and revolutionise the healing process.

Most of us follow the model that states that life is an energetic exchange, a give and take. We give away our power, we take our mother’s grief, we feel drained by those who are parasitical, or we surround ourselves with successful people so that we can feel elevated by the energy. But energy is energy, and it heeds intention. It will always flow towards equilibrium. Think of energy as a glass of water. We can pour water into one side of the cup, but it will even itself out, same as any other moveable substance. The energy wants to be in...

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What do you permit in the name of Patience?

How much ‘patience’ do you employ before you hit your breaking point?

I think that most of us mistakingly allow others to take advantage of us under the guise of patience. Over the years I have repeatedly asked or begged for patience, wanting to feel calm and compassionate in the presence of abuse. I asked for patience with people who lie to themselves and the world, when I was delayed because of another’s choices, and when a friend began to push my boundaries, and then to shove against them.
I believed that I needed to be more patient in these situations, but patience was not the answer. The answer was courage. I needed courage to choose a response that would influence the dynamics that had become increasingly unbalanced.

I have listened to teachers preach the power of patience. “Be patient, what you have been asking for will come to you”. I believe that this works to the degree in which we can allow, and then it is up to us to meet the...

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Are you creating pain just to feel Relief?

I used to get migraines that medicine would only temporarily dampen, and they would last days at a time.
One day, I learned a trick…

I realised that eating wasabi peas made my head hurt less. So did chilli, curries, or anything that was painfully spicy.

The body has an amazing way of helping us cope. When we feel pain, the brain releases endorphins, which block the perception of pain. Endorphins are our natural pain relief.
What I was doing was creating more pain within my body so that my brain would create more relief.

It never stopped my headaches, but the contrast made me feel better.

I witness people creating drama and suffering in their lives. They fight with their partners, punish themselves for making mistakes, they eat too much, sleep too little, and continue to battle within….
Just to feel relief when it is over.

They aren’t solving the problems, moving beyond the old patterns or pain. Often there is no resolution or gain, but they create the illusion of...

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Suggestions for Self-Employment

Self-Employed: Strong Suggestions from my trial and error approach

I left my job 4 years ago.
I know! FOUR YEARS! I can’t believe it either!

The past 4 years have included many highs and lows, and everything in between. I get asked a lot about how I did it, how it has changed my life, and advice on what to do.
So here you go!

What I’ve learned in my 4 years of running my own business:

1. A leap of faith works, when you have an inner knowing, and a strong foundation.
Probably the best thing I did for myself was ease into self-employment. I’ve heard stories about the people who ditched the job on a whim and opened up a shop and were hugely successful and filthy rich in the first month. I love those stories. I was also pretty sure that I needed a way to gracefully progress.
I reduced my hours for 6 months, continued to build my client base, my reputation, and my skill. At that point, I felt that I had enough of a cushion to keep from panicking.
Here’s the key to why...

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How can you ensure success?

I am often asked about what it takes to be successful, about the belief systems that hinder our success, and what we can do to ensure success.

The best answer I’ve got: Immerse yourself in your craft, simply become so amazing at it that it becomes a part of you, and as you live and breathe it, success will come to you.

Over the years, I have offered hundreds of free taster sessions, attended numerous fairs, given talks, facilitated workshops, taught hundreds of courses, guided and healed thousands of clients… I did all of this with the intention of mastering my craft. I am fascinated with the energetic world, with vibration, with our intuition, and what is ‘beyond the veil’. I continue to deepen my understanding of what it is to be an energetic being living a human life in this plane, and love to witness this in my life and that of others. My curiosity and desire to experience and learn has inspired all that I have done.

Authentic beings...

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